Audio Matrix Switch with 8×8 balanced XLR inputs/outputs and remote control

Balanced XLR 8×8 Audio Matrix Switch from LinkBone is a perfect choice for switching analog audio or digital signals. It contains a collection of passive switches arranged in 8×8 relay matrix configuration. All 16 balanced XLR ports are biridectional. Meaning that each port can be used as a signal input or output.

XLR 8x8 Audio Matrix Switch The user  can control the state of each relay switch individually by a touch screen on device front panel or Infrared remote control. For remote  applications the device can be controlled via Ethernet or RS-232 serial interface.

Passive Audio Matrix Switch internal relay switching network

The architecture of LinkBone Matrix internal switching network is shown on figure 1. The device includes 64 passive relay switches with gold plated contacts for ensuring high signal quality. The state of matrix internal relay switches does not change after interruption or disconnection of power supply.

Illustration of Audio Matrix Switch internal network (Relay Matrix)
Figure 1: Relay Matrix interconnection diagram.

The typical matrix signal bandwith is 50Mhz which is far above standard 20Khz audio spectrum. This means that switch can be used for standard audio and for high frequency signal switching(e.g. Video). Figure 2 shows 10Mhz square waveform signal routed through 8×8 relay Matrix switch. The blue waveform represents original signal. The yellow waveform shows signal routed via 8×8 XLR Audio Matrix.

8x8 Relay Matrix Switch 10Mhz Square signal

Figure 2: 10Mhz square waveform signal routed through 8×8 Relay Matrix Switch

Additional benefit of using passive relay matrix switches is wide range of acceptable signal amplitudes and low signal distortion. The LinkBone switches accept +/- 24V signals. The maximum current rating of each signal patch is 1.5A.

8×8 XLR Audio Matrix Switch remote control


LinkBone Relay Matrix remote interfaces(Ethernet, RS-232, Remote control)

Figure 3: LinkBone Audio Matrix switch remote interfaces

LinkBone 8×8 XLR Audio Matrix can be controlled remotely via telnet or serial text commands. The set of commands can be used for automatic matrix configuration via a configuraiton scripts. The text commands are described in chapter 7 of LinkBone 8×8 Matrix Switch user manual.

Audio Matrix Switch Web interface (Ethernet)

 Figure 4: 8×8 XLR Matrix Switch remote control HTTP interface.

The user can control the matrix also via visual HTTP interface shown on figure 4. The state of each relay switch can be changed by setting checkboxes representing internal switching network. After clicking apply button the matrix switch changes it state.

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