LinkBone manageable signal switches

• For analog and digital signals

• Test and measurement automation

• Video and audio applications

• Wide range of switch configurations

Easy-to-use interface options

• Touch screen display

• User configuration Web page

• Infrared remote control

• Command line interface

LinkBone a flexible switch solution

• Single or Dual channel per port

• BNC and XLR port connectors

• +/- 24V input/output range

• Up to 1.5A load per channel

• DC to 50Mhz bandwidth

• 50Ω channel impedance

Designed for measurement and test automation

The LinkBone family of manageable switches was made for applications where signal switching between different endpoints is needed. Example of such a system can be an oscilloscope or other signal processing unit connected over an LinkBone switch to a set of test points with analog or digital signals. The each individual switch can be controlled manually or via a test script from remote PC.

The LinkBone switches were designed for ultra low signal distortion . The internal signal lines were carefully engineered for precise line impedance matching.  The expected life of internal switches is over 100 000 000 cycles.

For measurement and test automation in professional laboratories or assembly lines LinkBone family of products is perfect choice.

Coaxial BNC Switch box with remote from LinkBone

Front view of the LinkBone switch

Low signal distortion

The internal switching network was carefully designed for low signal distortion for DC to 50Mhz signals.
All switching network lines are bidirectional.

User configuration Web page

All LinkBone devices have easy to use visual Web interface making it possible to control the state of the device anywhere.

Preserves state after power off

The state of internal switches does not change after interruption or disconnection of power supply.

LinkBone switch interfaces(Ethernet, RS-232, Remote control)

Infrared Remote control

LinkBone remote control for BNC/XLR switches/multiplexers

User configuration Web page

User Web page for controlling LinkBone BNC switches

Touch screen

LinkBone touch screen for BNC/XLR switch/multiplexer configuration

Internal switching network

LinkBone internal multiplexer/switch
LinkBone Dual BNC switch

Back view of the LinkBone switch

Different types of signal connector variants

Single BNC

LinkBone switch/multiplexer single BNC inputs/outputs

Single line switch with gold plated BNC connectors is perfect solution for switching single ended signals.

Dual BNC

LinkBone switch/multiplexer dual BNC inputs/outputs

Dual line switch with gold plated BNC connectors is dedicated for applications where switching of two parallel lines is needed (e.g. stereo.  differential signals or two single ended lines).


LinkBone switch/multiplexer single BNC inputs/outputs

XLR switch with gold plated connector contacts includes two signal and one common ground line. Can be used directly for audio or like Dual switch for routing two parallel signal lines.

Typical laboratory applications

The laboratory instruments can be expensive. Setting up a multiple test instruments at a single test place may not be optimal solution. LinkBone switches make sharing one instrument between different endpoints possible.

Key advantages

  • Bidirectional signal routing
  • For DC and high frequency signals up to 50Mhz
  • Accept voltages up to +/-24V with 1.5A load per channel
  • 50Ω channel impedance
  • Switching of very low signals
  • Ultra low signal degradation
  • 10/100 Ethernet and RS-232 interfaces
  • Includes RC5 code remote control
  • Controlled manually or remotely by PC
  • Mountable in 19″ rack system
  • Internal switches sustain state after power off

Suitable for almost any kind of electrical signals

Supports wide range of video and audio applications

The LinkBone switches are perfect choice for video and audio applications.

  • Can switch signals between several sources and receivers
  • Dedicated for professional use in video and audio processing
  • Suitable for very low signal switching (e.g. microphones)
  • No signal degradation
  • Remote access via 10/100 Ethernet or Inferred remote control
  • Perfect for camera image switching
  • The internal switch configuration does not change after power off