XLR switcher for professional audio with remote control

XLR switcher based on relay switches is one of the best solutions for applications requiring low audio distortion. The relay switches with gold plated contacts ensure high reliability. The bistable relays also sustain its state during device power off state. The low insertion loss of mechanical relay switches makes the LinkBone 1-to-15 switch perfect for of low level microphone signals.

Coaxial BNC switch with Remote access from LinkBone

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The following picture shows an connection example with up to 15 signal sources and one receiver using XLR switcher.

XLR switcher for microphone system (relay xlr switch)

The LinkBone XLR switcher routes signal bidirectionally. This means that the device can be used also for signal distribution. E.g from one source to multiple signal receivers as proposed in the following connection example:

Audio XLR switcher for audio system

XLR Switcher connection diagram

The following diagram shows the connection diagram of internal XLR switcher network. There are fifteen ports from A to O which can be connected to common node P. The user can configure state of each individual port via touch screen on device  front panel or remotely.

XLR multiplexer switch configuration


XLR Switcher remote control via Web interface

All LinkBone switches have an 10/100 Ethernet interface. The XLR switcher can be controlled remotely via Web interface shown on the following figure:

XLR switcher remote Web/http interface


Additionally the device can be used for test automation by using an command line telnet interface. The list of commands supported by XLR switcher:

  • off <port>          – turns off the specified port
  • on <port>          – turns on the specified port
  • reset                    – disconnects all ports
  • mode <mode> – sets the mode of the switches

<mode> parameter can have two values:

single – only one port can be connected at the time. The device operates as a multiplexer.

multi – multiple connections are allowed to common port P.

This article describes how to control the device remotely: Coaxial switch command line script programming example